The White Wolf EP

by Civilian Sol

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civilian sol's highly anticipated debut folk release. listen to this instillation in a whole sitting, with a glass of wine, and an open heart. love to you all. x


released December 30, 2011

performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by civilian sol. recorded at the pirate ship studio, brighton beach, dunedin. june 2011



all rights reserved


Civilian Sol Wanaka, New Zealand

"there is one thing that every human needs to survive, and that is the warmth of the sun"

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Track Name: The White Wolf
the call of lunar has me falling
barely crawling out of sight
the sky it glows with blood and amber
hoping she will bring you life
cold fingers grasp this trawling line
catching nothing but a dream
the glisten in your eyes is certain now
its time for you to be free
the white wolf is in your eyes
the white wolf is in your eyes
just hold on a little longer
everything will be alright
you be strong now my child
the white wolf is in your eyes
Track Name: Fire Queen
oh goddess of empathy
wont you lay me down
i never meant to hurt
the ones whom you sent down
mother of southern stars
wont you guide this right
these snakes approach us now
they come to steal your night

my lover the fire queen
come and save me now
theres nothing i can see
i promise you this now
mother so strong and proud
shed some light and well take a bow
oh goddess of sympathy
dont you let me down
Track Name: Maskless Masquerade
i close my eyes
and let the water comfort me
in her arms
to no surprise
the beauty of this moment lasts
and holds me high

take this time
and let this be a lesson to
a wasted life
feel no shame
as you beg of thee
darling please
i will never forget this time
i love you